SAC Songwriting Challenge & Blog …WEEK 5

Hi Everyone….This week was definitely a challenge I did not expect to complete. However, Friday night I listened to the songs listed in the challenge and read up on Christina Ricci’s role in Lizzie Borden Took an Ax movie. I was fascinated with this story. I also researched 19th Century Dexter. I attempted to put pen to paper, and “Gray Angel” was a title that seem to fit. I had fun writing this song…..As usual I self-recorded it to the best of my ability, no production or extra instruments available to me. I had a hard time trying to not sing the song to fast, so to keep with the challenge fit. Also, the bridge was slipped in the last minute, still wasn’t sure if it fit or not. However it seemed missing if not there. 

Here is my link to Week 5 submission:

Gray Angel

(by Bev Allen)


Call me your angel, pure and white as snow

Faith in us I don’t know

I wanna believe I’m safe in your arms

Shine like a diamond, like the stars

But this white is fading dark

Can’t help my change of heart

These doubts, my fears, my pain

My guards up once again


I will be your gray angel

I will be your gray angel

The perfect white you long to feel

The darkest dark I conceal

I will be your gray angel

I will be your gray angel


Call me your angel, dark as night

Alone and lost, I run to hide

You wear your love upon your sleeve

As I ride out a fantasy

But the darkness fades to white

Something feels so right

I fight to not restrain

My guards back down again



Safe in the shade but I see your light

Gambling with my heart but it ain’t right


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